Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kings, Deposed

I suppose it's only fair that I follow up on my last baseball post. Following the Giants' season-best five-game winning streak, they hit the road to play two last-place teams. So naturally, they lost all six games on that road trip.

They came home, and promptly lost two more to one of those same teams. The losing streak currently stands at 9 games, the team's longest such in roughly ten years. The mood at the ballpark has turned ugly.

But the Giants marketing department is running in high gear: Today I got an e-mail from them, extolling the wonders of traveling to St. Louis, Missouri, to watch the Giants play (read: lose) to the Cardinals in their new stadium. They call it a "dream vacation." Seriously.

Whoever thought anyone could put the phrases "dream vacation" and "St. Louis" in the same sentence? Nothing against the city, but those must be some weird dreams.

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