Thursday, November 02, 2006


Note: No one actually needs or wants to read this. I'm just venting. Go on about your lives: I'll be fine. Really.

OK, so I get that there isn't truly such a thing as an uninterruptible power supply. I do. But would it be so hard for the beastie to somehow indicate that it was no longer functioning as even a momentary backup to cover for glitches in our fine (and normally dependable) electrical power? A light, a beep, an e-mail, a wink, a nod...SOMETHING??? Is that so much to ask?

The "UPS" on my desktop system appears to be defunct. We had some tiny tick in the power an hour or so ago; tiny enough that NOTHING in the house noticed except the one computer that I would most like to have continue running, thank you very much.

This is about the fourth time something like this has happened recently. That happens to be the computer most responsible for my current livelihood, and I would really appreciate it not crashing while I'm working on it. Apparently tomorrow I get to go shopping for a new UPS.

I'm going to bed.


Steve said...

Chard, dude, buddy. Didn't you catch that guy Murphy hanging around in the back of you CSci classes? That dude is everywhere. And he's up on all the latest technologies.

Me, I recently had a deadline so of course that was the day that my cable line chose to go out. See? Murphy again. He even wears Comcast repair tech uniforms.

What you gotta do is learn to laugh it off. Cuz, you know, you can't beat old Murphy....

Chard said...

Oh, I am well acquainted with Murphy, from long before my computer days. My dad was an electronics engineer, back when that meant discrete components, vacuum tubes, and all that. Murphy made frequent visits to the workshop!

I know this stuff just happens, but I hate it when it happens to ME....

KAHboom said...

What brand? I had an APC unit for 12 years. It was a great little thing. It started beeping in August, so I had to replace it...with another APC unit. I just hope the current one is just as good as the last.

Of course, you could just generate your own power and have the whole house on solar and back-up batteries.

Chard said...

It's an APC Back-UPS LS 500. I think I've only had it about 3-4 years.

I've used APC both personally an professionally for a long time, and I love the brand. I'm quite astounded by the behavior of this unit. It currently seems to be less reliable and less clean than the power from the wall, which is very odd.