Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Quiz

It's not my fault. Laura started it!

And I don't think I've ever scored 100% on any of these before:

Which Star Trek: the Next Generation character are you?
created with
You scored as Geordi LaForge

You are good-natured and quick thinking. You are good at figuring out puzzels and building things.

Geordi LaForge




Jean Luc Picard


Deanna Troi




Beverly Crusher


William T. Riker


At least none of us are Rikers....



Laura E. Goodin said...

As with mine, no surprises here! This has to be the most accurate of these quizzes I've ever seen. But I do think you might want to explore getting in touch with your inner Riker. Or maybe not.

David Schuetz said...

Wow. I've got more Riker in me than I'd expected. Then again, sometimes it's better to be the man next to The Man. I'm more surprised that I'm more Troi than Data. Then again, I was sort of wishy-washy on some questions -- there were a lot where I wanted to pick a "neutral" answer.

Geordi: 100%
Troi: 74%
Data: 60%
Picard: 53%
Riker: 47%
Worf: 40%
Crusher: 27%

Anonymous said...

Yep. No surprise here either. Wait! I take that back. 60% Worf?!

Deanna Troi: 73%
Geordi LaForge: 67%
Data: 67%
Beverly Crusher: 60%
Worf: 60%
Jean Luc Picard: 53%
William T. Riker: 47%

Chard said...

My sister is more Worf than I am. That explains a LOT. More Riker, too. Go figure.

P.S. Laura, the last TNG episode I caught was the one where Riker meets himself (after some bizarre transporter accident years before), so he was getting in touch with his outer Riker....

Houston said...

Sigh...I'm sorry to admit my dear friend, that I tested 93% as RIker! And 93% as Troi!

Looks like I have an inner Riker. Picard was only 80%

Does this mean that I am only scond-in-command to my wife?

Or am I her Number 1?

What does this mean for me? Or is this the sort of question Riker would ask?