Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cricket is Cool

As my devoted readers know, I love baseball. But a few years back, while working in Australia, I got hooked on cricket. What an interesting sport.

And I never get to watch it here in the States. But I can still follow it via the Internet, which is kind of surreal, but fun.

So I just caught the end of a five-day cricket test between Australia and India, which came down to the last few minutes before it was going to be declared a draw, when Australia brought in a new bowler, and suddenly he takes down the last three batsmen from India to salvage a record-tying sixteenth consecutive test win for the Aussies.

Just amazingly cool. Wish I could have been there to see it in person!


Laura E. Goodin said...

I'll admit it was a nail-biter, even for me (only mildly interested in cricket as a general rule). We weren't there in person, but we followed the test on live radio and TV all week.

Houston Dunleavy said...

YES!!! we just watched it here. It's ahrd to beoieve that after 5 absorbing days of cricket played at the highest ppossible level, it came down to a part-time bowler like Michael Clark, bowling to tail-end batsmen (for US readers, think of a relieving pitcher who has been playing second base until the entire bullpen has been exhausted, pitching to the opposing team's pitchers - there being no concept of designated hitter in cricket). With three wickets in one over, Clark finished off the Indians in one over to give the aussies the Border-Gavaskar trophy and the world record of 16 consecuctive test wins.

And they say test cricket is boring! HAH! I say! It may well challenge rugby union for the title of "the game htey play in heaven" if they are all this good!