Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Sock Thoughts

One of the things that became painfully clear (and I mean that literally) as I went skiing a few times over the last month is that the quality of one's ski socks is very important.

Back in the day when I used to ski as a kid, the norm was to wear thick, woolly socks (I had some lovely ones knitted by my mother). Nowadays this has been changed on two fronts: 1) socks are much thinner, allowing for a snug, comfortable boot fit, and 2) synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the body aid in promoting warmth and comfort.

Fair enough. But not all modern ski socks are created equal. Even the thin socks generally provide some ticker padding in the front, where the shin will press on the boot (assuming proper posture). But the size and shape and thickness of that padding makes a lot of difference. For example, I found that my EuroSock Euro Ski socks didn't adequately protect me from pressure (and pain) from the tongue of my rental ski boots. But in the same boots, my SmartWool socks felt just fine. (It didn't help that the second day I wore the Euro Ski socks, I put a hole in them just trying to pull them up.)

So I like the SmartWool socks, but one thing about them worries me: Are they the product of that most dangerous of creatures???

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