Sunday, May 18, 2008

Straddling the Equator

Just a quick post from Quito, Ecuador. We're here for a day before flying on to the Galapagos, so we got to do a little bit of sightseeing.

Turns out our little hotel has free wifi, so I get to sneak in a post or two!

On our way back, we'll be stopping at a place that lets us literally straddle the equator, both the pace where some French scientists marked it andthe place where the indiginous Ecuadorans marked it, 200 meters away. Meanwhile, we got to go to a weekly Sunday art market, which was great and to the cultural museum.

We flew in fairly late last night, so when we went out to find dinner, most of the restasurants were closed or closing. We found a 24-hour cafe that had good food and drink, so that was fun.

Probably the last post for a while, but we shall see!

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