Tuesday, May 09, 2006

One Reason to Love Baseball

Been a while since I wrote about baseball. Probably because the Giants haven't been worth writing about of late. Mediocrity (or worse) does not inspire.

Anyway, tonight I went to the game, and it was one of those that makes one remember why baseball is such a great game. Coming in, it just didn't look like the Giants had much chance. They flew in very late last night from the East Coast after a Very Unsuccessful Road Trip (as in, losing all three games in Philadelphia over the weekend after splitting a pair in Milwaukee). The Big Star, Barry Bonds was resting, and they lost another hot player, Moises Alou, to injury over the weekend. And top it off with having to face one of the league's best pitchers, Roy Oswalt, while starting one of their own who has been out with an injury.

All in all, it did not look promising. The teams traded runs for the first few innings, and the pitchers seemed to be settling down, when suddenly the Giants broke through for five runs in the fifth inning, and a sleepy 2-2 game was suddenly 7-2, the Astros ace pitcher was gone, and the Giants were rolling. Go figure.

Of course, the Giants made it more "interesting" by coughing up three runs in the ninth inning, but still, a win tonight was an unexpected bonus, and a lot of fun to watch. Plus, our friends in the row ahead brought homemade brownies, and they were delicious.

Baseball, bratwurst, beer, brownies. And a win for the home team. Sweet!

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