Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Primary Election Musical Chairs

Just back from doing my civic duty today. Not a whole lot of interesting races in my neck of the woods. Lots of incumbents running unopposed. But I did get to vote to have someone other than a bad actor be my governor. That's a worthwhile use of my time.

And then there's the shuffling of the deck chairs among those who are term-limited out of their current jobs, so the Attorney General runs for Treasurer, the Treasurer and the Controller are both running for Governor. The Lieutenant Governor is running for Insurance Commissioner, while the Insurance Commissioner is trying to be Lieutenant Governor again. And a former governor, my outgoing mayor, wants to be Attorney General.

When the music stops, we'll see who has a seat.

At least we don't have any truly onerous propositions on the ballot this time. Some local bond measures for schools and community colleges, and a statewide one for public libraries. And the one contentious one is about universal preschool. And at least with that one, there is widespread agreement that preschool is a good thing, so people can focus on whether this is a good way to achieve the goal.

But really, with so few truly contested races, why is it that I can't stand answering my phone for the last month or so, anticipating Yet Another Canned Phone Call.

Considering how much I actually like politics and elections, it's remarkable how much I look forward to elections being over, so the ads will go away. *sigh*

Good grief. Got another recorded call while I was typing this. 8.5 hours until the polls close....

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