Tuesday, October 24, 2006

About that Rum Punch

What you see above is the cause of me drinking all that rum punch. That rotten wood is the base of a post that supports the middle of two decks, one above the other (plus a trellis above the upper deck). There is now a distinct dip in the middle of the decks (duh).

But no one was hurt, and we now get to redesign the decks and the backyard.

And drink rum punch now and then.


sueinsacca said...

Oh, that's ugly. And to think we were all just lounging around on that porch a scant few weeks ago.... Nah. Won't think about that.

So, will they be able to reuse all that nicely (and recently) refinished lumber when they reassemble things?

And what of the mourning dove nest??

dragonfly said...

Oh dear! I'm glad noone was hurt, and also hope they can salvage some of the wood, and the new furnature and all. But in the meantime, happy designing and enjoy the rum punch!

Chard said...

We're unsure of what we'll do yet.

At some level, we're leaning toward rebuilding the upper deck, and just taking out the lower one and making it into useful backyard space, or putting in the hottub we've always wanted or something.

First step is to see what the report says. But it sounds like it will be dire.

So maybe this winter we will have lovely teak livingroom furniture!