Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nature Photography

This is awesome. Pelicans are wonderful. My lovely family bought me a print of this picture for Father's Day last year. My luck: we were in Australia the first weekend in September, which is Father's Day there. So I had two such holidays in 2005.

I'm a lucky dad.


sueinsacca said...

Pelicans eating pigeons. What next? That's really a wild photo! I was afraid your lovely family had bought you a copy of that first shot for Father's Day. I'm glad they got the second one instead. Pelicans really are cool to watch.

So, where's the pelican poster going to hang?

Chard said...

It hangs over the couch at the Other House. We moved the little pelican pictures over to the dining room.

I've been seeing a LOT of pelicans this year in the Bay Area. Some of my coworkers like to go sailing, and the last couple of times we've gone, we saw lots and lots of them. Great fun!