Wednesday, January 10, 2007

California moving away from e-voting?

This seems like good news:

California's electronic voting era could be facing a very quick conclusion as one of the nation's most visible e-voting critics will be supervising the state's approval of voting machinery.

Lowell Finley, a Berkeley attorney who's been involved in suits against voting machine manufacturers, the California secretary of state, San Francisco and Alameda counties and the ongoing dispute over electronic voting in Florida, is taking over as deputy secretary of state.

I haven't had time to think this over, but my initial reaction is positive.


Steve said...

Isn't it funny that the people who work in the computer industry are almost always the most vocal critics of e-voting? Without question, our nation would be better off if we got computers out of the voting booth. Even if those machines aren't being hacked (and that's a big "if"), I still think Americans are distrustful enough of our politicians without adding the spectre of bad technology.

I've never understood what's so wrong with a piece of paper and a check box anyway. Works for Germany. Works for many a third world country. Why do WE have to be so special?

Therefore, a secretary of state who is hostile to electronic voting machines is, in my opinion, a real godsend. Let's hope that sanity is returned to this process before the next election.

Anonymous said...

Americans are among those so infatuated with technology that we don't want to consider the downside. We're also among the laziest critters on the planet. If a machine can do it for us, we'll let it. Our great-great grandparents never worried about staying fit. Just doing the stuff of daily living kept them plenty fit. If there's one thing we as a nation should never approach lazily, it's voting. And parenting. And driving. And learning.

Oh dear. This could get out of control. I'll stop. Clicking button to publish now.