Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sauces, Gooses, and Ganders

It never ceases to amaze me when politicians criticize others for doing exactly what they have done (from FireDogLake):
The image of Roy Blunt standing in front of a microphone with a straight face and faking some sort of phony outrage for the cameras about procedures that he, himself, had a hand in putting into writing in the Congress when Newt Gingrich got his oily hands on the power reins? Chutzpah doesn't even come close as a descriptor.
But chutzpah is the essence of politics, Christy! (Not of governance, mind you, just of politics.) When I worked in Congress, someone once described politics to me as the art of seizing the moral high ground, and mercilessly berating anyone who tries to come near. I suppose I would amend that today with a notation that the supposed moral high ground need not be either moral or high; you just spin it that way.

I am looking forward to what Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic gang can make of their latest opportunity. If they can push through even a portion of their "first 100 hours" scheme, it will be a major sea change in Washington. Heck, just passing any meaningful legislation that doesn't gut the Bill of Rights would be an improvement.

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