Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thanks, Dad

There's nothing quite like getting back to the car after a full day of skiing, only to find one of the tires completely flat. Now, one could call the auto club and wait for them to come and change the tire. But it's cold, and about to get dark, and really, I just want to go somewhere warm and have a beer.

So I changed the tire. And it's really not a big deal. Sure, there are better ways to end the day than lying on the cold ground getting the jack set under the car, but really, it's not a huge thing.

My dad could fix anything (and frequently did). I'm really glad he taught me some of those tricks, like changing tires. I realize there are other ways to deal with it, but now and then it's nice to recognize one's own self-sufficiency, even on such a mundane matter.


Laura E. Goodin said...

I know the *theory* of changing a tire. But I am mortified to admit that I always chicken out.

Rod said...

It is a nice feeling to be self-reliant rather than having to wait for someone to take care of the problem for you. Working on my car always brings back happy memories of weekends spent in my uncle's garage. I made sure both our girls could change a tire should the need arise. I don't care if they use AAA but it's comforting to know they wouldn't have to wait if they were in a hurry.

Chard said...

I have to admit there are lots of things I know I could do, but don't. But somehow it does feel better to know I could.

I also realize that post-Apocalypse, when I have to feed, house, and clothe myself and my family, I am in deep yogurt.