Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ice? Who Needs Ice?

This cannot be good news:
Scientists on Wednesday unveiled evidence to suggest global warming is affecting all of Antarctica, home to the world's mightiest store of ice.

The research, published in the British journal Nature, takes a fresh look at one of the great unknowns -- and dreads -- in climate science.

Any significant thaw of Antarctica could drown many coastal cities and delta regions. Bigger than Australia, Antarctica holds enough ice to raise global sea levels by 57 metres (185 feet).

Maybe my house will be beachfront property before too long.

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Sarette said...

Oh dear. More of the Global Warming hysteria.

The average temperature of Antarctica is -58(F). Ice thaws at +32(F). Assuming no measurement errors from the study (that's a long shot), the average warming in Antarctica over the last 50 years is 0.22(F) per decade.

At this rate, Antarctica will thaw out in around, oh, 400 years.

I wouldn't put out my beach umbrella yet, dude. :)