Tuesday, February 03, 2009


A friend just restored to me a local tourist paper we picked up in Quito last year. I had wanted to share a particularly confusing bit of translation.

It's an advertisement for a seafood restaurant called Las Redes with Spanish and English text, side by side. After a paragraph that seems pretty accurately translated to say that I will get a pleasant surprise when I visit Ecuador, citing its fine geography, nature, culture and friendly people, it then says this:
Las Redes lo sorprender√° deliciosamente por sus especialidades.
The English translation reads exactly as follows:
You will also recieve a delicious surprice fom with it's grat foot
We were in our last moments in town when we read this, otherwise we might have had to go find out what "delicious surprices" awaited us, courtesy of "it's grat foot."

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