Monday, March 19, 2007


OK, this is weird. There is clearly some kind of cultural difference here that I don't appreciate. I lived in northern Virginia for a brief period, which I realize isn't the same as living in the deep south, but then, Florida is its own sort of weird "southern" culture.

But it is inexplicably weird to see people displaying a confederate flag with pride. Friends of mine moved out of Georgia in part because they were tired of the debates over whether to keep the confederate flag as part of the state flag.

But this was the most surprising bit to me:
It's interesting that Florida has a law that forbids "public desecration" of the Confederate flag. This is especially interesting given that the American flag is protected by no such law.
Could that be true? Ack! Independent verification from another blog:
What I find infuriating is the Florida statute making it illegal to "deface, defile or contemptuously abuse" the Confederate flag.
Yeah. That's offensive. I like his take on the whole pride thing:
Of course the Sons of the Confederate Veterans are pissed. They see the flag as part of their heritage. That is, they are proud that their ancestors owned people based on the color of their skin, killed and raped them at will, and stole their labor for hundreds of years. The commander of the local there, Robert Hurst, calls the display, "offensive, objectionable and tasteless." I would use those same terms to describe any display of the Confederate flag as a symbol of pride. And I would be right.

My thanks to Robert Farley at LGM for pointing this out.

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Anonymous said...

We seem to be slipping backwards as a culture and a country, in so very many ways. Too many ways.