Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dinosaurs at a Birthday Party

Forgive a little self-indulgence. Today we had a sixth birthday party for our daughter, and the theme was once again dinosaurs. The location was the wonderful Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. At least early on, the day was sunny and nice, so the view from the cafeteria was terrific. It got gray later, which was less stunning, but it's still a great overlook.

The highlight of the party was the cake. At the fundraising auction for the school, we'd won a gift certificate from Debbie Does Cakes, so we thought we should use it on a special birthday cake. Wow! Debbie is an Artist. She worked with us to design just the right dinosaur, a fine looking triceratops, and even delivered it herself. You can get an idea of her work by looking at her website, but the little pictures don't do it justice. The cake looked phenomenal, and tasted wonderful, too (devil's food with peanut-butter cream filling and delicious butter cream frosting.

Debbie mentioned that she's going to be part of a cake-baking special on the Food Network this summer. I will definitely tune in so I can see her at work. It should be a real treat to see how she creates her art. Meanwhile, we have leftovers to eat. Yum!


Laura E. Goodin said...

I love the Food Network, and watch it obsessively when I'm staying at my mom's. Unfortunately, not only do we not have cable here in Australia, but I've been unable to get a straight answer from the Australian cable company that serves our area whether they carry particular Food Network shows. ("We have a cooking network, yes." "But does it show this, and this, and this show?" "We have a cooking network.") Phooey.

Chard said...

Almost makes you want to get a satellite dish, eh?

A couple of years ago, we were flying somewhere on JetBlue (which has individual satellite TVs in the back of each seat), and our lovely daughter spent the entire flight glued to the Food Network, watching them grill steaks or something. Given that cartoons were also available, I was highly amused (and pleased).