Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm a Spork!

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter (approaching 6 years old) was making her lunch for school the next day. She wasn't making much progress on her peanut butter sandwich, and I noticed she was having trouble getting the lid off the jam jar (bad design, Smuckers: the big plastic jars from Costco, while cost-effective, are prone to sticky lids, and the jars aren't solid enough to really grab and twist effectively...but I digress).

Eventually she just looks at me and says, "Dad, you're a spork." I am? "Dad, you're a spork!" Apparently she means it, whatever it means. Why do you say that? "I'm trying to do something, and you're not being useful!" [beat...laughter all around the kitchen]

Some months earlier, probably while dining at some fine dining establishment that thinks it can save money by using sporks instead of spoons and forks, I had taught her the expression, "useless as a spork." It appears the lesson was learned and remembered.

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Rod said...

Times have certainly changed. My stepdaughter used to love sporks when she was younger. It meant I had stopped by Taco Bell to get her a treat on the way home from work.

ThinkGeek added titanium sporks to their strange and interesting merchandise lineup not too long ago so I got her one as a joke gift for old time's sake. The titanium one isn't nearly as useless as the plastic ones. In fact it looks pretty lethal. I'm pretty sure I could take out a moose with one... at least a small one.