Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another day, another...

...rainout. *sigh*

First time in the history of the San Francisco Giants they've had two consecutive rainouts at home. Should I feel bad about that? Well, I would like to have gone to either or both of the games. On the other hand, neither night would have been very pleasant for a game. So curling up at home on the couch and getting some actual work done seems like a reasonable tradeoff.

Should be interesting tomorrow, making up last night's game after the scheduled afternoon game. No idea what they're going to do about tonight's game.

Which brings to mind a discussion we were having at the home opener about stupid scheduling. Now, I know it's very difficult to create a workable schedule for all the major-league teams. Really, I do. On the other hand, nearly all the rained-out games in San Francisco come in April and early May. So why schedule games with teams that only come to town once during that time? Bring in the Colorado Rockies, so if a game (or two) gets rained out, they can make it up later in the season.

Now, potentially we have a scenario where the teams might have to make up the game at the end of the regular season, but only if it affects the playoff picture. Dumb.

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