Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Corporate Takeovers, Stadium Makeovers

I've always been annoyed by stadiums that sell their "naming rights" to corporations. When the Giants built Pacific Bell Park, they at least sold out to a local company with a lot of history.

Unfortunately, said company has been sold/merged twice since (with another pending), causing two renamings of the ballpark. SBC Park was a particularly bad name, but then, "SBC" is/was a dumb name for a company. At least AT&T (or should I say, "at&t") has some history. Here's a thought: when you sell the naming rights, get a commitment that they won't change their corporate name and logo!

I just stumbled across a grassroots local effort to rename the place "Mays Field." Makes sense to me; I always thought making the address of the stadium 24 Willie Mays Plaza was a very classy move.

BTW, I think the worst corporate renaming ever is a tie between San Diego renaming Jack Murphy Stadium (named after a popular local sportswriter) to Qualcomm Stadium and Miami renaming Joe Robbie Stadium (named after the guy who paid to build it!) to Pro Player Stadium.

And yes, I will write about something other than baseball one of these days....


Ed Batista said...

Thanks for the link to www.MaysField.org. We appreciate the support!

Chard said...

Keep fighting the good fight!