Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day

Opening Day is my favorite day of the year. Better than Christmas. Better than Cinco de Mayo. Better than my birthday. Better than my daughter's birthday.

Opening Day for me represents the renewal of life and hope that spring is supposed to be about (sort of like Easter, without requiring a miracle). For years, my employers have understood that I do not work on Opening Day (at least, not the home opener); it is a religious observance, a time to spend with family and friends at a place of worship.

So it's appropriate that my first blog post comes on Opening Day. The posts to follow will doubtless reflect some of my longtime mania for baseball (and particularly for my beloved San Francisco Giants). But I hope it will also be an outlet for some thoughts on all the other things I think are important, like language, books, science, the environment, scuba diving, and even politics. I'm hoping it will be a bit more up-to-date than my sadly static website.

See you at the ballpark!

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